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A large amount of work goes into every EDGE event. Behind the scenes, EDGE relies on numerous volunteers to ensure every dinner, retreat, gathering etc. goes off without a hitch. From the office work that goes into event preparation to setting up the venue to technical assistance to tear down, many hands work in the background. Why do we strive so hard to ensure our events go off smoothly? Because we want every couple who comes to an event to be able to relax and focus on the message that their marriage is valuable. Marriage is designed by God and as such each couple is better together by God's Design.  We want to give couples the tools they need to have a great marriage. Will you help us with our mission to Change a Marriage, Change a Family, Change a Community, Change a Culture?

If you would like to learn more about any of the below opportunities, please contact our team here. More information about these positions will be provided when you sign up.


You can choose to be a more permanent volunteer and regularly volunteer for events. OR You can choose to volunteer for a specific event.

  • Set Up Volunteer
  • Tear Down Volunteer
  • Sign Hanging Volunteer

  • Tech Set Up and Tear Down Volunteer

  • Greeter

  • Adios/Resource Table Volunteer

  • Registration Volunteer

  • Worship Leader Volunteer

  • Prayer Warrior


The hours donated to the following opportunities are dependent on you as the volunteer. You can choose to be a more permanent volunteer and regularly donate hours/week or hours/month to a below task. OR You can choose to volunteer for a specific project or day. For instance, you may design a flyer for a single event as a Graphic Design Volunteer or you may come by and clean around the office once or twice as an Office Cleanup Volunteer.

  • Graphic Design Volunteer
  • Social Media Volunteer
  • Office Cleanup/Organization Volunteer
  • Videography Volunteer
  • Photography Volunteer
  • Office Volunteer


  • We require all of our volunteers to come dressed in appropriately formal attire to events. We will further define this if you are interested in volunteering.
  • All volunteers will be given access to a timesheet to record their hours and submit for school credit if applicable.
  • EDGE Ministries reserves the right to vet volunteers before agreeing to their assistance. This vetting may include, but is not limited to, an interview.

Donating Your Creations to EDGE

If you are a skilled crafter, writer, wood worker, glass worker, or have other talents you see as potentially helpful to EDGE, please contact the team here. We would love to hear your ideas for how your skills can help us Change a Marriage, Change a Family, Change a Community, Change a Culture. Items/skills people have done in the past are: creating a sign with EDGE's slogan, making stickers with EDGE's logo for cups, mugs, etc., carving a stamp for office work, re-finishing EDGE's office cutting board, glass etching cups for weekend events, and printing vinyl onto shirts/aprons.

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