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Pastor Richard and Ally


EDGE Ministries was a God send not only for my personal marriage but has blessed many couples in our region. As a local pastor, I have a great responsibility to protect my flock and EDGE Ministries is a ministry that can be trusted with its content. I recommend this ministry to anyone looking to provide a resource for stronger marriages. ~Pastor Richard T. Wade~

Pastor Chris and Johna Roberts

I love the heart and passion John
and Jaimi have for strengthening
and restoring marriages. The
Biblical and practical teaching
they bring to their marriage
conferences, retreats, and events
is extremely valuable. As a pastor,
I have seen first-hand the
devastations that come from
the breakdown of marriages.
The message, teaching,
and mentoring that EDGE Ministries provides is more needed than ever. My wife and I have had the blessing of attending EDGE Ministries date nights and retreats. These events have been instrumental in strengthening, protecting, and growing our marriage. You and your members will be blessed to have them in your church or to hear them at one of their events.


Pastor Chris and Johna Roberts

Senior Pastor of Eastpoint Church, Midwest City, Oklahoma

Date Night with a Purpose attendee

Retreat Attendee

Worship Leaders on Oklahoma Retreats

Dean and Laura Hanson

Great adventure weekend in Wimberley with the Man of my Dreams. Thank you, John and Jaimi, for your insight and heart for marriage by God's Design. We didn't know what to expect, but it was just perfect and we are forever changed. Thank you for opening up and sharing your heart to reach ours.


Donavan and NatashaRoby And Rae Pettit

Roby and I barely made it back from our honeymoon when we found out our youngest had special needs. Then it was hit after hit: terminally ill parents, threats by the ex, death, defiant children, medical problems. The heavy hitters kept coming fast and we were not prepared. But as God's timing would have it, we met John and Jaimi at church and soon sat down to dish out our greatest stressors. We began praying and they began suggesting ways we could strengthen our relationship and confront these issues TOGETHER. To this day, we continue what started in that little coffee shop and we praise God for it all!

Donavan and Natasha Jones

Donavan and Natasha

After 7 years and two children we decided to get serious about getting married. At a marriage retreat, even though we were not technically married, we decided to set a date to be married. We were both baptized at this point and both deeply wounded from previous relationships. We finally decided to muster up the courage to get married in April. One years later we realized that we were still strangers in our relationship; I poured myself 100% into our children and Donavan into his work. We were fortunate enough to have met John and Jaimi Jones shortly thereafter. We started going to the EDGE Ministry Marriage date night events. That gave us an opportunity to talk about deeper things on our minds and in our hearts that we were hesitant to talk about, to have conversations deeper than our day to day lives. It has helped show us what a deep meaningful relationship looks like, to not feel guilty about putting God first then our marriage then our children, because that is not the example or mindset that we were shown in our childhoods. They also helped us understand the importance of praying for each other, praying for our marriage and to always invite God in before we have a deeper conversation. That alone has greatly changed the tone of our conversations. We went from being defensive and feeling accused by one another to being able to see each other through God's eyes and hear with God's ears, to come from a place of compassion and understanding for one another. We feel very blessed to have met John and Jaimi Jones and to have been able to participle in the EDGE ministry events. Each event has taken us one step deep into our relationship not only with each other but with God as well.


Gregg and Gina Hill

Greg and Gina HillWe have been involved
in EDGE Ministries for
many years, utilizing
their biblical teachings
to transform our marriage.
Our first meeting was
at a Marriage
Enrichment Seminar on
an invitation from a friend. Unknown to anyone but ourselves, our marriage was quietly in crisis at that time.

What we learned that day, hearing what God's Design for marriage truly is AND how to put that knowledge into action, saved our marriage. It was no longer about what we wanted but understanding, and pursing, what God desires...and He desires us to be together. Other Enrichment events and Date Nights with a Purpose evenings we attended continued to bring us closer together, heal our wounds, and strengthen our bond.


Even with all the emotional, physical, and spiritual growth we gained, John and Jaimi desired to take us deeper in living a Christ-centered marriage through participation in their TIME Program. The one-on-one coaching led us to see divisions and wounds in our relationship that still existed under the surface and how to seek reconciliation with each other and Christ. Together, we now lead an annual mission trip and act as liaison to our missionary couple in the field. We live our example before our church's youth in the RA's/GA's program and children's ministry.


Additionally, we were able to host an EDGE Ministries event in our town, and the impact that was made on marriages in our community has opened the door to expand Date Night with a Purpose into Tyler, influencing couples, not just from our church, but our entire community. The blessings of joy we have received and been honored to share is a multiplication worthy of the loudest praise. We always have a choice with the information we receive...We chose to do something. God was then able to use EDGE Ministries to heal our marriage and allow it to blossom into one of influence for His kingdom.


   Greg and Gina Hill

Date Night with a Purpose Attendee

Seminar Attendee

TIME Client

EDGE Ministries Facilitator In Training

Steve and Debbie

Steve and Debbie

John and Jaimi,

My Wife and I recently attended your Marriage Enrichment Experience Retreat, "Have a Ferrari Marriage".

Thank you and EDGE Ministries for offering such powerful scripturally based truths, that every couple needs to hear. We appreciate the boldness of your presentation and only wish we had received these truths and promises earlier in our marriage. Thank you for sharing from your hearts. We strongly encourage others to attend one of these retreats and have your marriage blessed. What a tremendous experience the weekend was! We arrived in a Chevy but left in a Ferrari!

Marcus and Lois Hulings Markus and Lois Hulings

After being involved with EDGE Ministries over four years and attending their Date Night with a Purpose events, their biblical-based teachings have strengthened and improved our 54-year marriage.  Our relationship is stronger,
and our awareness of our differences and our ability to accept these differences has been brought under God's grace and blessings for improvement and acceptance of each other rather than our working out our differences alone.  We are able to handle "rough spots" with less difficulty than in the past, talking through them and accepting each other better.  We have become more aware of God's grace, guidance, and forgiveness in our relationship with Him as well as with each other.  We notice we laugh a lot and we pray together more.

Going through the EDGE Ministries TIME Program has been another blessing to our relationship.  It taught us God loves us unconditionally and we receive our significance from Him, not each other.  Our eyes and emotions (heart) were opened to seeing there are blessings from God in every life situation, how God works through even difficult times to benefit our relationship with Him and with each other.

Since being involved with John and Jaimi, we have seen God work in their lives to improve and expand their ministry.  This correlates to a more impactful teaching for each couple who attends EDGE Ministries seminars multiple times.  We are a prime example of that.  Every time we attend an EDGE Ministries Seminar, no matter the subject, we leave with a better understanding of God's design and promise for a Godly Marriage.  We have learned, it is the little things done well which add up to amazing gifts, large and small, from the Designer of our marriage.

Marcus and Lois Hulings

EDGE Ministries Board Members

Date Night with a Purpose Participants

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