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EDGE Ministries recommends the following items at our date nights, weekend seminars, and in our TIME program. By clicking on the below image links for your Amazon orders, EDGE Ministries will receive affiliate benefits for the entire purchase—which will further help our ministry. 


The Search for Signifcance

by Robert McGee

Reconcilable Differences

by Dr. Jim Talley

Reconcilable Differences: 


by Dr. Jim Talley


Wild at Heart

by John Eldredge

The Wounded Heart

by Dr. Dan B. Allender

Healing the Wounded Heart

by Dr. Dan B. Allender


Sheet Music

by Dr. Kevin Leman

Intended for Pleasure

by Ed Wheat, M.D. and Gaye Wheat

The Dream Giver

by Bruce Wilkinson


Too Close Too Soon

by Dr. Jim Talley and Dr. Bobbie Reed

Too Close Too Soon: Workbook

by Dr. Jim Talley



Make Anger Your Ally

by Neil Clark Warren, Ph.D.

The Anger Workbook

by Les Carter, Ph.D. and Frank Minirth, M.D.



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