Date Night with a Purpose: Creating Healthy Boundaries In Your Marriage

Saturday, April 18, 2020 from 5:50 PM to 8:50 PM

Due to the Shelter-in-Place order for Oklahoma City, we are unable to have the April Date Night with a Purpose.

We hope you continue strengthening your marriages through prayer, Bible study, date nights, TIME sessions via video-conference, etc. Check out our March Newsletter for an at home date night idea! And check out our April Newsletter for a chance to win a $15 Gift Card to Married is Great

*The Married is Great link is a referral link. If you purchase anything off their website via this link, EDGE will receive affiliate credits from Married is Great. 



John and Jaimi Jones

John and Jaimi Jones are the founders of EDGE (Every Day God Experience) Ministries. John is a pastor ordained by the National Association of Christian Ministers. They are instructors and mentors encouraging and teaching couples to live their best life by living out God's Design for Marriage, believing that "We are Better Together by God's Design". Their mission statement is: 
Change a Marriage
Change a Family
Change a Community
Change a Culture

Event Location

In the Gap • 5517 N.W 23rd • Oklahoma City, OK 73127 • US

Contact Information

Contact: John Jones
Phone: (405)250-2905

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