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Private Invitation Only Event

Friday, April 26, 2019 from 5:50 PM to 9:20 PM

Event Information


The Hulings, along with John and Jaimi Jones, would like to invite you to a private invitation only EDGE Ministries dinner event, a special evening out, we are hosting specifically for the vintage homeschool couples.  We are on the Board for EDGE Ministries and John and Jaimi, founders of this ministry, are personal friends of ours. It would be our pleasure to introduce them to you and let you see first hand how they are encouraging couples to live out God's Design in marriages.

Their mission statement is:
Change a Marriage
Change a Family
Change a Community
Change a Culture
This special event will be held on Friday, April 26, at the historic Grandison Inn Bed and Breakfast, 1200 N. Shartel.  We request you arrive by 5:50 p.m., giving John and Jaimi the opportunity to meet you before we serve dinner.  They will then present a meaningful seminar, which will be followed by a delicious dessert, ending the evening around 9:15 p.m.
This event is being sponsored by us, the Hulings, for a one-time special rate of $25 a couple, rather than the normal rate of $50 per couple. 


John and Jaimi Jones

John and Jaimi Jones are the founders of EDGE (Every Day God Experience) Ministries. John is a pastor ordained by the National Association of Christian Ministers. They are coaches and mentors encouraging and teaching couples to live their best life by living out God's design for marriage, believing that "We are Better Together by God's Design". Their mission statement is: 
Change a Marriage
Change a Family
Change a Community
Change a Culture

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