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Women's Ministry Study Notes


Edgy Women Bible Study 7-26-20

It is vital to our spiritual health to understand who we are in Christ. This study of "I am" helps us as we study God's Design of us.

I am Study

Psalm139:1              I am_______________________________

Psalm139:13            I am _______________________________

Psalm139:14            I am _______________________________

Psalm139:16            I am _______________________________

Romans 5:1              I am _______________________________

Romans 5:8              I am _______________________________

Romans 6:6              I am _______________________________

Romans 8:1              I am _______________________________

Romans 8:15            I am _______________________________

Romans 8:38-39      I am ________________________________

Ephesians 1:3           I am ________________________________

Ephesians 1:4           I am ________________________________

Ephesians 1:11         I am ________________________________

Ephesians 1:13         I am ________________________________

Ephesians 2:5           I am ________________________________

Ephesians 2:6           I am ________________________________

Ephesians 2:10         I am ________________________________

Ephesians 2:19         I am ________________________________

The Purpose is to give us a secure foundation to become what God wants us to be and to lead the way God wants us to lead.  Our identity in Christ is the mold in which our character is formed: its is the foundation upon which our life is constructed.

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