Happy Holidays Require Planning
Communicate and Connect
While writing this blog I came across several quotes about adventure. We have come to look every day for adventure. Some are small and just seem to show up as a sweet gift, other adventures we dream about and plan with many details.
Learning to apologize can be difficult. There was a time when I thought apologizing was saying I was wrong. That is not always the case. Sometimes we are apologizing because we are sorry about how our words or actions hurt someone's feelings.
The thief is our enemy. He uses the same strategies today that He used on Adam and Eve in the garden. He wants to cause us to doubt the goodness of our Creator and to separate us from each other and from God.
Encouragement represents positive influence, to literally give courage to someone—not waiting until it's deserved or asked for, but taking initiative when things are difficult and uncertain.
The Holy Spirit did not make His first appearance at Pentecost. Students of the Bible will find Him mentioned as early as the creation account (Genesis 1:2). He is also shown to be doing the Father's work throughout the Old Testament and Gospels.
Remember that real intimacy begins with understanding your Lover and the unique ways that God designed each of you.
We encourage couples to go to bed together. It's not always easy, but we have found it is a great way to connect. You can cuddle, pray together, and debrief the day.
When you touch each other, we have found that it is helpful to keep in mind our touches should be desired and given to each other in a way that communicates we are giving and not taking. So much can be communicated in a loving touch.
Here are a few questions to help you in the adventure of love and getting to know your lover. These are good for any couple, it doesn't matter if you have been married 1 day or 70 years.

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