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Defining Moments

By John Jones
We all have defining moments in our life.
Defining Moments

Most of us will look at defining moments in our lives as graduating (high school, college, or other education), landing a career, getting married, buying a house.  These are all the moments that the world proclaims to be defining.

However, followers of Christ proclaim the moment you choose to make Jesus Christ your Lord and Savior as the defining moment in your life. 

We, as believers, far too long have stopped that defining moment with just making Jesus our Savior and not establishing Him as our Lord.  Through the next several writings, we will be looking at what makes a moment a defining moment in our lives.

One definition of a defining moment is:

              Time(s) in which what is done will affect the future.

Definitely, accepting Jesus as your Savior is a time in your life that will affect your future for all of eternity; however, making Jesus your Lord while you live out your life here on earth will change the direction of your life.  The things you once did won't be so appealing anymore.  The things you do after making Jesus Lord, will let you experience ~ life to the full or more abundantly ~ (John 10:10) in your everyday walk more so than you could ever have imagined, even in the midst of a crisis. 

Fellow followers of Christ, what are you doing today that will affect your tomorrows?  How will your actions today bring glory to God in these times where our city, state, nation, and the world is seeking to see God in the middle of this pandemic?

Another question to answer:  Is what I am doing today worth trading a day in my life for?

I believe God is looking for His people to rise up in a time such as this to be His salt and light to our communities.  My challenge to us, as believers and followers of Christ, is to take our place alongside of our Lord and start ruling and reigning with Him.  It is time for the Ekklesia to begin to govern our culture once again. 

The Ekklesia was established by Jesus Christ to be the influencers and not the influenced.

     Keeping a Christian from entering the church sanctuary and you have not in the least bit      hindered his worship. We carry our sanctuary with us. We never leave it. A.W. Tozer

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