20/20 Vision

EDGE Ministries has a 20/20 Vision that includes reaching and ministering to 2020 marriages by the year 2020 with the desire of Changing a Marriage, Changing a Family, Changing a Community, Changing a Culture.

By you partnering with us, "We" will be able to reach these 2020 couples through refinement nights, refinement conferences, going into churches and offering our refinement opportunities to couples who are unable to invest financially into their marriages, but have a desire to have better marriages.  Together, "We" can reach those who are desiring more from their marriages but need tools and knowledge to have "life to the full".  Will you become part of EDGE Ministries and the 20/20 Vision to change "Our Culture" one marriage at a time? 

The following are ways to invest in the 20/20 Vision:

$1/day ($30.00) Monthly Investment – 100 Marriages to make an investment
$2/day ($60.00) Monthly Investment – 75 Marriages to make an investment
$3/day ($90.00) Monthly Investment – 27 Marriages to make an investment

With the help of 202 Marriages, "We" will be well on the way to reaching the 20/20 Vision. 
Thank you in advance for investing and becoming a part of EDGE Ministries.



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